Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Annekatrin Niebuhr
Time and Place:

Thu 10:15 - 11:45 am, WSP1 - R.401

Type of Course: Vorlesung (2 SWS) / Lecture (2 SWS)

Spatial Econometrics is a Master's degree lecture and can be used for the following Master's degree modules


Spatial Economics (VWL-WEcon-SpatEc /-NF) for:

  • Economics and Quantitative Economics, specialization Economics
  • Business Administration and Quantitative Finance, compulsory optional subject Economics

Applied Empirical Methods (VWL-WQuEc-AEM/-AEM2/-AEM3) for:

  • Economics, specialization Economics (substitute)
  • Quantitative Economics, quantitative mandatory part
  • Quantitative Economics compulsory optional subject Empirical Economics
  • Business Administration,  compulsory optional subject Statistics & Econometrics
Exam Points: 4 LP